Fees & Policies


Fees vary for each teacher based on qualifications & experience.
Fees are based on a season fee of 33 lessons divided into 10 equal monthly payments.

*Fees will be pro-rated if you start part way through the season.

30 min: $1050/year = 10 payments of $105/month (beginner – Grade 4)
45 min: $1575/year = 10 payments of $157.50/month (Grades 5 – 8)
60 min: $2100/year = 10 payments of $210/month (Grades 9 & 10)

Per lesson fee (if not registering for the full season):
$32 / 30 min, $48 / 45 min, $64 / 60 min

30 min: $950/year = 10 payments of $95/month (beginner – Grade 4)
45 min: $1425/year = 10 payments of $142.50/month (Grades 5 – 7)

Per lesson fee (if not registering for the full season):
$29 / 30 min, $43.50 / 45 min, $58 / 60 min


Missed Lessons:

1. Make up lessons will be given at a convenient time for both the student & teacher for the following reasons:
     -lessons cancelled by the teacher
     -lessons in conflict with a piano related event (festival, exam, performance)
     -lessons in conflict with a special school event (concerts, interviews, field trips)
     -special family events (weddings, funerals, special events)

2. Online lesson at your regular lesson time (Zoom):
     -If you are sick but not stuck in bed. This includes any sickness symptoms such as cough, fever, sneezing & sore throat.
     -when the weather is too bad to drive

3. You can ask to be put on the make up lesson waiting list. When someone else cancels their lesson with enough advance notice it will be offered to you. If you are on this list you are not guaranteed a make up spot will become available.
     -if you are too sick for an online lesson
     -any reason not listed above (sports, vacations, forgot, birthday parties)

4. If you can not make your regular group lesson time you can come to any other group lesson that week.

Parent Attendance During Lessons:
Parents are NOT required to stay during the piano lesson. Most times when a parent is in the room it creates a distraction for the child which wastes valuable lesson time. The student will often turn to talk to the parent rather than focus on what we are doing in the lesson.

Help your child get the most from their lessons:
Learning to play the piano is like learning a new language. This won’t happen without regular practice. Remind your child that they should practice every day for as many days a week as possible. It is helpful to build practice time into a routine (right after school, right before supper…) Parents do not need to sit with their child to practice. Feel free to check in on them or offer assistance if they seem to be struggling. (NOTE: 4-6 year olds may need some assistance reading directions).

REMEMBER: the first time you play a new piece of music it will be HARD – so hard you might even feel like quitting! Just remind yourself that every time you play the piece it will get easier & easier. Be patient & persistent through the beginning struggle of a new piece & before the end of the week you will wonder why you even thought it was hard in the first place 🙂

If you are unsure whether or not you will be continuing lessons please talk to your teacher so I can help you make the best decision. Sometimes all you may need is a little adjustment in your lesson program (for example, have more pop or jazz pieces to play, have a bigger goal to reach, bring in some composing to your lessons, play more duets, etc.). Talking to me will help you figure out if you really want to quit piano lessons or if you just need a change.
Whatever month we are in when you quit I will keep the next month’s cheque. Example: If it’s November (any day 1-30) when you tell me you quit I will keep December’s cheque. You may continue taking lessons until the end of the notice (in this case end of December). Your remaining cheques will be returned. You can either pick them up or ask for them to be ripped up.