Now accepting registrations for 2019-2020 piano lessons:
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Carolyn Garritano – carolyn@pianostars.com
Keri Puckrin – keri@pianostars.com

Get the most from your lessons:

• Practice between lessons. Think about a sports team: you can’t just play in the game without learning how to play in the practices. Think about school: after your math “lesson” do you have “homework” to help you remember what you learned in the lessons? You can’t just play piano “for fun” until you have learned how to play the piano.

• Find a regular time to practice. Examples: before school, right after school, just before or after supper…

• Participate in a public performance. Give yourself a goal & something to work towards. Music festivals, exams, recitals are a great way to give you motivation to practice. Of course you are going to want to try to play your best when playing in pubic! There is a music festival in November & in April. Both festivals award scholarships to excellent performances which some of our students have won in the past. You also get a mini lesson with an adjudicator. Exams are available in January, June & August. Recitals happen near Christmas & Year End.

Please visit often to stay up to date on events & deadlines.