Christmas Recital

The Christmas Recital is 1 of 2 annual recitals we have for parents to watch their children perform in a semi-formal setting.

We encourage each student to memorize their music & play it the best they can. BUT, if you are really nervous in front of crowds or you just don’t have your piece memorized yet, you are welcome to play with your music.

Playing in a recital gives you a goal to work towards. Quite often you will find students practicing like crazy the last week or so before the recital because they know they have to play it for an audience. If only students would practice this much EVERY week of the year!

Location: Christian Reformed Church of St. Albert, 12 Gate Ave
Students may invite their family & friends to see them perform at the Christmas Recital.
Each recital will be about 1 hour in length.
Students: please dress semi-formal
We will not be serving refreshments so please find your own special way to celebrate your student’s success đŸ™‚

ALL students must submit an RSVP even if you are NOT attending. Thanks.